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FAQ - Membership
Rakuten Online shopping is a B2B2C shopping site made for everyone. Members receive many benefits including Rakuten Super Points--earn these (1 Super Point per SGD1) every time you shop and use them towards future purchases (or redemptions). Rakuten.co.uk Shopping is quick, easy and fun! Register Now!
Yes. However, various Member-only benefits such as shopping history, favourites, earning Rakuten Super Points and using coupon discounts are all unavailable.
To edit your personal information in your Rakuten.co.uk Shopping Account, please:
To unsubscribe from our newsletter, here are a few quick steps to take:
  • Open any newsletter you have received from us
  • Scroll to the very bottom where "If you would like to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please click here." is written in small print.
  • Click on "click here" and you will be unsubscribed!
To delete your account, please send us an email on uk-info@rakuten.co.uk. Please note any unredeemed points in your account will be forfeited and expiring points cannot be extended. Please ensure all pending orders are received and up to date.
Yes overseas accounts (a registered user ID or email address) can be used at the Rakuten.co.uk Shopping website. Registered overseas users wishing to join will be directed to a page where they must agree to Rakuten.co.uk Shopping’s Terms & Conditions. However, overseas Super Points are not transferrable/useable to Rakuten.co.uk Shopping.
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