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Play.com has moved to Rakuten’s new marketplace Rakuten.co.uk, here you’ll find all the merchants and products you loved from Play.com, plus we are constantly adding new and interesting merchants and products for you to discover to make shopping on Rakuten.co.uk a really fun and entertaining shopping experience. We know you will love shopping on Rakuten.co.uk as much as you did on Play.com!

We have put together some frequently asked questions below - regarding the change to Rakuten.co.uk - that hopefully will answer any questions you may have. If your question isn’t answered here though, please contact us on 0808 131 1311 (free from a landline), 0333 313 3311 (free from a mobile) or email us at customercare@play.com

Play.com moved to Rakuten.co.uk on Tuesday 24th March 2015. Whilst this means you can no longer access the Play.com site you are now able to check out the fantastic selection of merchants and products available at Rakuten.co.uk.
Don’t worry; we’re still here to help. As all products on Play.com were sold by merchants we recommend contacting them in the first instance. They will be able to provide you with any dispatch or returns information, process refunds and resolve any queries you may have regarding your purchase. You can find contact information for the merchant on your Play.com Order and Dispatch Confirmation emails. However, if you require further assistance then please contact our Customer Service Team.
Your account profile information is now available on Rakuten.co.uk. Whilst your account has moved from Play.com to Rakuten.co.uk there is some information that has not been transferred. Your Play.com ‘Order History’ or ‘Super Points Statement’ are no longer available to view. For any order information you can review your order confirmation emails, alternatively please contact our Customer Service Team who can assist you with any queries you may have.
The ‘Order History’ pages from your Play.com account are no longer available for you to view. If you require any information about your previous Play.com orders then please contact our Customer Service Team.
Any Rakuten Super Points you have in your Play.com account will expire on 24th March. However, we will credit the equivalent Rakuten Super Points into your Rakuten.co.uk account within 7 days of your first login in to your account from 24th March to 24th June, after this date your Play.com Super Points will no longer be transferable. If you are an existing Rakuten.co.uk customer and have any Rakuten Super Points in your Play.com account after 24th March, we will credit the equivalent Rakuten Super Points into your Rakuten.co.uk account by the 31st March.
All outstanding Play.com Gift Vouchers expired on 24th March 2015. If you have a Gift Voucher with an expiry date after 24th March then please contact our Customer Service Team
Access to any Play Digital downloads that you may have purchased previously is no longer available.
Both Play.com and Rakuten.co.uk are owned by Rakuten Europe S.a.r.l and are part of the Rakuten Group. As outlined in our Privacy policy your data is held in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and will only be used within the Rakuten Group. We will not sell or rent your personal information to any third party without your express consent.
If you have any questions relating to your account or recent orders placed on Play.com then please contact our Customer Service Team free on 0808 131 1311 from a landline or 0333 313 3311 which is free from a mobile. If you are calling from outside of the UK please call +44 (0)808 131 1311 from a landline or +44 (0) 333 313 3311 from a mobile. Our opening hours are 9am - 6pm Monday to Saturday.
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