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Rakuten Super Points is our rewards program and our way of saying "Thank You" for using our service! Super Points are a virtual currency which means you can use them to actually buy more products! Or you can pay for a part of your order with points to get a discount.



Register for free at Rakuten.co.uk and start shopping.


For every £1 you spend, you will
earn 5 Rakuten Super Points.

Use & Save

Use your points to save money the
next time you buy something!

When you shop at Rakuten, your account will be credited with five Super Points, worth 5p for every £1 you spend.

Rakuten Super Point Calculator


Keep an eye out for the Rakuten Super Points symbol throughout the site. Our merchants often run Super Point promotions in their stores and Rakuten also often has site-wide Super Points offers with up to 30X RSP where you’ll be able to boost your collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rakuten Super Points program?

With our Super Points program, we are thanking you for your loyalty. The more you shop on our Rakuten marketplace, the more Super Points you’ll earn to help you make future purchases. For each item you buy we will give you, per whole GBP (£) spent, five Super Point worth five pence. If you are shopping and you buy, for example, a product for £30.40 (150 Super Points) and another for £19.70 (95 Super Points) on our marketplace, you’ll get (150 + 95 =) 245 Super Points credited to your account. The Super Points are therefore not awarded on the total price of the products (£50.10), but on each product and then added together.

How do I get Super Points?

For customers on www.rakuten.co.uk, you’ll get automatically credited your Super Points to your account for each product purchased. Super Points will generally be credited to your account within 16 days of the delivery of the products from the qualifying order on Rakuten.co.uk. Super Points may also be earned for other non-transactional actions. You can create an account at any time by clicking here.

Important: Please note that you must be logged in to your account to earn Super Points.

Where can I get Super Points?

You will earn Super Points with every order containing one or more participating products. You will also need to be logged in to your account to ensure your Super Points will be earned.

When and how can I spend my Super Points?

As soon as your Super Points are credited to your account, they are available to spend. Super Points will be generally be credited to your account within 16 days of the delivery of the products from the qualifying order on Rakuten.co.uk. In order to spend your points you will need to select Rakuten Super Points in your payment method option in the Checkout Process. Rakuten Super Points can be used as a part-payment or to fund the entire purchase of an item

How can I see how many Super Points I have?

You can always check the status of your Super Points in your account, by signing in to your account with your personal login. Super Points that have been awarded with an order or a special offer, but have not yet been credited (Super Points on hold), will be shown in your account within 16 days of the goods being shipped

Can my Super Points expire?

Yes - In principle, promotionally earned Super Points will expire within a set time period – check the T&Cs for the promotion each time. Once these Super Points expire, it is no longer possible to spend them.

Can I use my Super Points along with a Rakuten Voucher Redeem?

Yes. Super Points can be redeemed in conjunction with a Rakuten voucher

What happens to my Super Points if I cancel my order or return the item/s?

Super Points are only credited to you once the merchants Returns Policy has expired. Therefore, any allocated Super Points which appear as On Hold, will be removed if an item is returned. In the case of one order with several products, the Super Points are deducted according to the individual value of the returned item, in the same manner as they are credited initially.

Are there any exceptions for the allocation of Super Points?

Shipping costs do not earn Super Points

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