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In these uncertain times, charities need your support more than ever. Many are experiencing an increase in demand for their services at the same time as seeing a decrease in their usual sources of funding.

Rakuten and For Good Causes

We’ve teamed up with ‘For Good Causes’ to enable you to easily redeem your Rakuten Points in exchange for a donation to a charity of your choice [Every 100 Rakuten Points is worth £1] .
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Over 17,000 charities to choose from

Support your local community or contribute to causes around the world – the choice is yours. With over 17,000 charities to choose from you’ll be sure to find the one you’re passionate about.
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How to show your support

You can use your existing Rakuten Points, or earn while shopping at your favourite retailers or watching blockbuster movies through Rakuten TV. Once your points are in your account, donating them is simple:
  1. Simply visit our new donation exchange page
  2. Select the charity or cause that's close to your heart.
  3. Choose the number of Rakuten Points you would like to redeem in exchange for a donation.
Thanks for your support!
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