Tips and Disclaimers: What you need to look out for when shopping with cashback

Overview of all Cashback tips

Before being re-directed - clearing cookies (and ideally cache): Before entering the shop page via the “go-to“-button or a deal from, remove all cookies and cache from your browser. When you are using the browser extension, clear cookies and cache at the start of your browser session. This way website visits from previous browser sessions can not interfere with your cashback allocation.

Not sure how to delete cookies and cache in your browser? Find out how it works here:

After being redirected - accept cookies: First thing to do after being re-directed to the shop page – please accept all cookies! Otherwise your order can’t be tracked, meaning the shop will not acknowledge that the order was placed through

Individual Cashback T&Cs: Each shop has individual terms and conditions for earning cashback, which you can find on each shop profile on Certain orders do not qualify for cashback, e.g. due to excluded products, use of coupons, minimum order value, or similar. Make sure to read them to be aware of possible restrictions.

Cashback levels: For some shops, depending on various factors, different cashback percentages may apply. E.g. because of product category, new or returning customers, use of vouchers, or similar. You can find the different cashback rates in the cashback T&Cs.

Avoid shopping apps: Orders usually can’t be tracked through shopping apps, unless specifically stated otherwise within the T&Cs. Please use the desktop or mobile browser version to make your purchase.

Only use coupons or gift cards obtained through Unless listed on, coupon codes or discounts of any type will likely disqualify your order from cashback. Gift cards can only be combined with cashback if they were redeemed on in exchange for Rakuten points.

No other websites or additional browser extensions: We recommend not visiting other cashback or coupon websites as well as websites such as blogs during your cashback journey. Also, do not use/install any plug-ins from other cashback or coupon websites. Otherwise this might interfere with your cashback allocation.

Turn off ad blockers: Ad blockers can block cookies that are necessary to track your order.

No items from previous browser sessions in the shopping cart: Make sure that there are no items in the shopping cart when you enter the store's website. This may be the case, for example, if you have already saved products in your shopping cart in a previous browser session.

Order and delivery within UK: Normally, stores only credit purchases that are made within the UK and are delivered to an address in UK. In case you use a VPN, for example, make sure that it connects within the UK.

Do not interrupt the checkout and payment process: Once you have reached the "checkout area" of the store, you should no longer click "back and forth" in your browser window.

Stay in the same browser tab: complete your purchase within one and the same browser tab.

You have already made a purchase, but your cashback is missing? Please send us a transaction request using the support icon!