Earn Rakuten Super Points and choose your reward

Use your points on great rewards

You can exchange Super Points for great rewards. Turn your Points into shop credit or gift cards from top retailers, use them to watch the latest entertainment at Rakuten TV, to purchase eBooks from Kobo or to make calls with Viber Out. We're constantly updating our reward options - check our social media accounts or sign up to our newsletter for the newest additions.

Get Gift Cards and Shop Credit

Convert your Super Points into gift cards and shop credit from some of the UK's top retailers and use the code on your next purchase. The code will be sent to your email address within one working day. All codes are valid for a single use and a maximum of 5 Gift Cards may be downloaded per 24 hours .
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Enjoy the best entertainment online at Rakuten TV. Pay directly with your Super Points on Rakuten TV and watch your favourite films and TV programmes.
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Call any telephone number in the world with Viber Out. Turn your Super Points into Viber Out credit and enjoy incredibly low cost calls.
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Exchange your Super Points for a Rakuten Kobo gift card worth £10 and save on your next eBook. Discover Kobo’s extensive library of more than 5 million titles.
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