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Your Points,
Your Rewards

Rakuten is evolving. Earn Rakuten Super Points at your favourite retailers and choose your rewards.

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How it works

Shop for deals

Find great offers from top retailers at Rakuten.

Earn Super Points

Order from your favourite retailer’s site and earn Rakuten Super Points.

Redeem your Points

Use Super Points to watch movies at Wuaki.tv or call with Viber Out. More options will be available soon!

Wuaki logoEnjoy the best in TV and cinema from Wuaki.tv. With blockbuster releases, international TV series and super fun kids’ programmes, there’s something for everyone.Watch nowExchange your Super Points into Wuaki.tv credit

Viber logo

Call any non-Viber number in the world at incredibly low prices with Viber Out. Just dial out from your smartphone or computer using the Viber app to contact friends or family.

Discover moreExchange your Super Points into Viber Out credit

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