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Watch the best TV and cinema at Wuaki - Films start at just 99p.

Follow these steps to find out how:

  1. Find offers at Rakuten and earn Super Points on all purchases you make from your favourite retailers.
  2. Find your favourite movie or show at Wuaki.
  3. Log in to Wuaki with your Rakuten member ID.
  4. Register your favourite default payment method.
  5. Pay for the movie or TV show using Super Points.
  6. Sit back and enjoy great films and television.

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Turn your Super Points into Viber Out credit and call any telephone number in the world at incredibly low prices.

Just follow these steps to start talking:

  1. Find deals from your favourite brands at Rakuten and earn Super Points.
  2. Download the Viber app for mobile, PC or Mac.
  3. Top up your Viber Out credit using Super Points.
  4. Get an instant push notification with your new Viber Out credit.
  5. Go to your Viber app and dial any number in the world.
  6. Start talking to friends and family.

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