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The SUPER FLAT wiper blade. This is unique, completely flat wiper blade available on the British market. Apart from use value (no freezing in a winter), the super flat profile is designed to transform the appearance of the front windscreen and complete an outstanding and stylish look to the vehicle.

High quality natural rubber with Liquid-Fix Graphite guarantees an extra long-life.

The SUPER FLAT wiper blade is available for cars and HGV vehicles. We are one of very few suppliers in Europe who offer flat wiper blades for commercial cars .

For the last few years, some of the car manufacturers replaced the traditional wiper blades “hook” fitting with different shapes of arm fitting. It makes retailers as well as buyers permanently confused.

Our aim is to meet customer´s needs and to stand out from our competitors. Thanks to a few small adapters we provide together with our wiper blades, we solve the problem of different fittings on new types of cars. That is why we can say: Our wiper blades can fit 99 % of all existing cars.

All types of our car wiper blades are equipped with standard “hook” adapters. Together with the special adapters provided by our dealers they can fit the following types of arms:


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